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How the iPad will change web design

Apple's iPad has been out for 5 months now and already it has achieved household-name status. Apple sold 3 million of the devices in the first 80 days. Instantly, Apple owned the tablet computer market and became the company to beat in mobile devices.So what does this new device mean for web designers?
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Internet Explorer Turns 15

Microsoft’s stalwart web browser turns fifteen today. Version one of the browser debuted on this day in 1995. Just as with Windows, Microsoft licensed the code rather than building from scratch. The Mosaic browser code that laid IE’s foundations was not fully removed until version 7 of the browser. Of course it would be difficult […]
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Hello world!

“Any web designer will empathize with the simple fact that no matter how great your site or a client’s site looks, at some point in the not so distant future, you are going to look at it again with loathing.” I love WordPress.  If you have ever done a fresh install of WordPress, you know […]
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