Dropbox + 1Password = Awesome

I have for sometime been a huge fan of 1Password, the application that generates curiously strong passwords and then does the courtesy of remembering them for you.

I’ve also been using the iPad version of 1Password, which allows me to carry my impossible-to-remember passwords on the road with me, safe and secure in a password-protected vault. So I only have to remember (you guessed it) 1 password. The only problem is that the wi-fi sync required to keep my iPad’s database up-to-date is a little cumbersome, and I have to remember to sync it periodically when I’m at home.

Recently though, the developers of 1Password made some changes that allow it to fully embrace another of my favorite iPad apps, Dropbox. Dropbox is a cloud-based service that allows you to sync up the contents of your computers by connecting a dropbox folder to the dropbox server. Whenever a change is made locally, Dropbox syncs to the cloud to ensure that all connected devices receive the update.

Now, 1Password can be configured to store it’s database file on the Dropbox (encrypted of course) which means that each time you open the app on the iPad, it syncs to get the latest passwords.

Setup is simple. Launch 1Password, and under Preferences>General>Data file, select “Move…” For your location, select a folder in your Dropbox, and then let the magic happen. Then over on your iPad, under the sync preferences, switch to Dropbox, provide your login credentials, and 1Password literally takes it from there. It couldn’t be easier.

I love it when 2 apps I love and use come together to make my life a little bit easier.

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